The Audi Q4 E-Tron Concept just dropped its blind at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

It’s an electric Audi hybrid, and it looks somewhat like the generation E-Tron. Close similarity to a generation vehicle is no mix-up, as Audi plans to transform this idea into a creation vehicle before the finish of 2020. Audi claims it will be the organization’s fifth electric vehicle upon presentation.

This idea is as of now riding on Volkswagen Group’s measured charge stage (MEB) that will support by far most of its electric vehicles later on. We motivate a few specs to oblige the idea, as well. A 82-kWh battery is under the floor, which Audi cases will give around 280 miles of range when appraised on the WLTP standard. Two electric engines, one for every pivot, make a joined 302 drive and 339 pound-feet of torque. Most extreme charge speed is topped at 125 kW, which gets you from zero to 80 percent in a touch longer than 30 minutes. With two electric engines consolidating to take every necessary step, it has all-wheel drive. Audi says the back engine does the vast majority of the work, however the front will kick in when called upon.

At that point there are all the cool idea parts of the Q4 E-Tron Concept. First up is the paint. Audi created it explicitly for the idea, and it’s intended to reflect daylight, successfully lessening the development of warmth. This makes the inside cooler on a radiant day, and decreases the measure of vitality expected to cool the vehicle utilizing conventional cooling. It’s classified “Sunlight based Sky,” and it even changes the shade of blue contingent upon the edge of light hitting it.

A head-up presentation with an enlarged reality work is utilized, which we’ve found in idea previously. The controlling wheel spokes have contact control usefulness to oblige the various screens in the vehicle, however abnormally enough, this idea utilizes real atmosphere control catches not at all like numerous new generation Audis today. The outside styling is substantially more in-your-face than the E-Tron is. Unforgiving edges supplant a ton of the adjusted edges we see on different Audis like the Q8 SUV. The 22-inch wheels are certainly needless excess, and this one has genuine mirrors rather than the camera reflects the E-Tron gets in Europe.

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